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Shamrock is becoming Texan Sky!

For over 75 years, Shamrock Federal Credit Union has been there for our members with the mission to provide you with excellent personalized service, prudent operations, and sound financial advice. As the name of our original member group has changed over the years, we’ve come to realize this name no longer represents the true identity of our Credit Union.

After careful consideration, our Board of Directors and Management Team determined that the Credit Union could greatly benefit from a restructure of our identity. Though we knew a name change was necessary, we also knew we didn’t want to change the foundation from which we became the credit union we are today. We want to continue to be able to empower you, our members, to reach for the stars and dream big when it comes to your financial goals. 

So, it is with great excitement we announce to you that on April 2nd, Shamrock Federal Credit Union will officially be renamed Texan Sky Federal Credit Union™. We believe the name Texan Sky Credit Union better encompasses and exemplifies who we are as a credit union. Our mission with this rebrand is dedicated to empowering members with the financial tools to build their future and redefine what’s possible. In other words, we are the credit union that encourages you to Start Dreaming™ - because we’re here to help make those dreams a reality. 

This name change does not mean we’ve merged with another credit union or that we are changing our staff. We are still the credit union with the team you’ve come to know – working with you to help you and your family’s financial wellbeing. In fact, nothing will be changing for you; your routing and account number will stay the same, your automatic payments won’t change, and you’ll even be able to continue using your Shamrock debit and credit cards until you receive your new Texan Sky card(s) in the mail (more on this to come in the following months).

However, with this step forward in our branding, we do plan on making additional improvements to the way you access your money, such as our website and new Interactive Teller Machines. We are also moving to a new location in Dumas, just a few blocks away from our current location. This new location will have a more modern look with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, accompanied with a coffee station and lounge area for members to enjoy!  

We hope you will be as excited about our transition to Texan Sky Credit Union as we are. We welcome you to share this information with your family and friends and invite them to join our credit union family. We’ll continue to keep you informed leading up to our April 2nd name change, but at any time you can learn of what’s to come by bookmarking this page of our website and visiting it often. Also, make sure to join us at our Annual Meeting on April 26, 2018!

This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration.
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