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Loan Rates
Effective Date: February 2018

Used Cars, Pickups, and SUVS
Up to 72 months 3.15% APR*
73-84 months 3.65% APR*
These rates are for new money only.

New autos or new autos refinanced from another financial institution.
Current Year + 1 Year with less than 25,000 miles
Up to 72 months 2.65% APR*
73-84 months 3.05% APR*
These rates are for new money only. Refinance existing SFCU loans only if a minimum change to the principal is $1,500.00 new money borrowed. Starting SFCU refinance rate either the existing rate of the loan or a new rate starting @ 4.9% whichever is less.

Motorcycles, Horse trailers, Utility trlr, ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Dirt Bikes
Up to 72 months 4.25% APR*
73-84 months ** 5.00% APR*
**must be over $50,000 loan balance. Add 2% for Vehicles w/ over 100,000 miles. Add 3% for Dirt Bikes and ATVs.

RVs Travel Trailers, 5th Wheels, Motor Homes Boats
Up to 72 months 4.25% APR*
73-108 months $50,000 or more loan balance 5.00% APR*
109-144 months $50,000 or more loan balance 5.75% APR*
145-180 months $75,000 or more loan balance 6.75% APR*
All loans over 72 months must have credit committee approval. Loan terms over 108 months must have a 650 FICO score or better. Loan terms 145 months to 180 months must have a 700 FICO or better.

Signature Loan 10.75% APR*

Share Secured Loan  
Share Secured 2% APR*
Time Share secured 1.50% APR*
Above interest rate earned on Time Share Deposit. If Time Share is pledged as security for loan.

Credit Cards
Platinum MasterCard 10.90% APR*

*Annual Percentage Rate subject to change without notice
*Not all members will qualify for the above rates.
**Interest rate cap per NCUA


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