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Home Banking

Home banking is offered to our members free of charge. Members can see the history for each account and loan for up to three months back. When members view the history on the checking account, they will be able to pull up an image of any check that has cleared in the last three months. Transfer funds from savings to checking or even to a loan without leaving your own home. Remember, it's all free of charge to you.

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Bill Pay

Bill pay is free of charge is used monthly unless there is a month lapse between bills paid.  If this occurs, there will be a $6.00 charge. All you have to do is set up the Payee's once then they are saved into your account. When you want to pay the bill, just log on, put the amount in, and put the date for it to come out of your account. You don't have to worry about paying for postage or even putting it in the mailbox. You can even set up payments to come out monthly by scheduling the day for the payment to come out of your account.

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Go green, save postage and have immediate access to your monthly financial statements!!

E-Statements are a great alternative for both you and the environment! E-Statements are electronic copies of your account statements that are viewable and printable online. This helps to reduce your clutter and save trees.

Now you can get your statement electronically with our secure e-statement service. Not only is it easy to access anytime, it’s absolutely FREE! When you enroll for this free service you will enjoy special e-statement benefits:

  • You will receive an e-mail around the 1st business day of each month notifying you that your e-statement is ready to review.
  • Your e-statement is protected by the latest security measures.
  • Your e-statement is kept on our server for two years in the event you need to retrieve a prior period statement.
  • If you need a hard copy of your statement, everything is printable.
  • If you prefer a paper statement, you can always return to having it mailed to you.

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